Learning, not teaching

At White Stag, we keep the focus on you, the participant. To continually remind our youth staff of how important you are, we don’t call them “instructors” or “counselors,” we call them a “manager of learning.”

Manager of learning

Our youth leaders aren’t teachers, trainers, or instructors. They are managers of learning. Their role is broader than being a teacher. Teaching makes you think of activities that usually require a lecture hall and a large number of desks. The phrase manager of learning is carefully chosen. The emphasis is on learning, not on what the instructor teaches. Their job, as a manager of learning, is to help you to become a more effective leader.

I have learned much from my teachers, and from my colleagues more than from my teachers, but from my students, more than from them all.

Babylonian Talmud, Tractate T’anith

Youth learn as individuals, not as a class

Our youth staff know that teens learn as individuals, not as a class or group. Each individual is important, and no one gets left out. Our youth staff accept the responsibility for managing learning and they work hard to apply unusual techniques to get unusual results.

Béla Bánáthy, the founder of White Stag and man who conceptualized our leadership skills, wrote:

The significance of instruction is not questioned here at all. The point that is made here is that the learning task is the nucleus around which to design instruction. The role and function of instruction should be viewed in its proper relationship to learning. It should be planned for and provided for accordingly. Instruction is a means to an end and not an end in itself. Its function is to facilitate learning.

Béla Bánáthy, White Stag founder

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