The team method

The patrol is the basic unit for White Stag leadership development. We stress team building and team leadership. Joining a new group gives you a chance to leave behind old patterns of behavior, possibly negative association, and to try out new ways of interacting with others. We help you achieve a strong feeling of belonging, loyalty and participation, resulting in a close-knit team. 

Team spirit and fun

We give each team a distinctive name and encourage members to craft a team flag and unique yell or cheer. We stress patrol teamwork, loyalty, and hard work. The team is challenged to work together to accomplish sometimes difficult goals, and through this experience you develop self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment, and self-discipline.

Youth staff guides and counselors

The youth staff and the adult staff act as leaders, guides, counselors, and mentors. They are expected to act with great integrity and compassion. The leaders of White Stag are inspired to do their best and stretch their personal limits. They are ambitious, hard-working, and convicted that this program makes a difference in other people’s lives. 

Be the real you

At White Stag Camp, no one knows your background or history. Even if you come to camp with friends, you’re purposefully put in separate teams. You have the gift of being among strangers who do not prejudge you in any way.   Any assumptions others have developed about you based on your past are forgotten.

You get to be your natural self, and are challenged to get out of your comfort zone.  White Stag Camp fosters an environment where experimentation is encouraged and failure is seen as the normal course of personal growth. We teach that anyone setting goals may fall short, but that it is better to shoot for the moon and, when falling short, catch a star instead.

Choose your phase

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