Fun and games

Ask any candidate what they like about the program and they will reply, almost without exception, “It’s fun.” When you consider every moment at summer camp is rigorously scheduled and that they are given virtually no free recreational time, how is that possible?

The program is fun because of its spirit and traditions. The spirit and traditions develop individual and group morale, foster an esprit de corp, honor, mutual respect, and loyalty to the program.

Hiking, swimming, canoeing, camping, songs, yells, and games

White Stag summer camp is a fun week of hiking, camping, campfires, outdoor games, yells, cheers, singing, and practicing the skills of leadership. Most of our modern, civilized world is stripped of the shaping moments found in the White Stag program. These include the White Stag legend, the program’s rich history dating back to the 1933 Fourth World Jamboree, and the ceremonies, songs, yells, campfires and uniforming that are part of the fabric of the entire year-round program. These activities inject a considerable amount of energy, enthusiasm, and, most importantly, fun into the program. 

Choose your level of leadership

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