Hands-on learning

At White Stag Camp, we know that youth learn leadership best when the participants are having fun. We give them a chance to apply, in a hands-on setting, the skills of outdoor living. We use an outdoors setting that gives candidate participants an adventure, which stimulates the body and mind. We challenge youth to grow physically, emotionally, and in their minds.

White Stag Camp teamwork

Practice teamwork

White Stag Camp participants get repeated hands-on opportunities to practice teamwork. Candidate participants are given unexpected tasks that demand effective organization of the team to find a solution to the problem presented.

Solve problems together

During summer camp, White Stag Camp participants are asked to do things they think are hard. They climb mountains, take challenging hikes, sleep under the stars, solve challenging problems, swim, canoe, and prepare meals—all as a team. Some White Stag Camp candidates have never cooked at home, let alone outdoors, and it’s a big challenge for them. In overcoming their fears and limitations, they grow.

Choose your phase

Choose the phase that sounds most fun and fits your age. Space is limited. Apply for camp today.