Coeducational leadership

Like the rest of the world, but unlike some leadership development camps, White Stag is coeducational. We believe learning to work successfully alongside both sexes is essential to becoming an effective leader. White Stag challenges your with opportunities where you just work together with strangers in a group setting. Your individual abilities are stretched.

Appreciating people as individuals

White Stag Camp is fun with purpose: to help young people develop into responsible, thoughtful, capable leaders. Learning to work with a diverse society, especially with the opposite sex, is extremely important. Learning to appreciate people who are different from you is one way we can solve social problems like harassment, family violence, ethnic problems, and misunderstanding between the genders.

In segregated programs, boys and girls learn to look for differences between themselves, widening the gulf between the sexes. In coeducational programs, young people work together and learn to value and appreciate what each has to offer, not boys are from Mars and girls are from Venus.

Different and equal

As a White Stag candidate, you get to see that girls and boys are different and they are equal. Everyone has different attitudes, skills, and knowledge to contribute. Removed from the every day environment of school and home, given challenges to solve problems and work together as a group, you forget what you think is true about boys or girls and what they can or can’t do. You just work together to make things happen, to plan a hike, or make dinner.

Coeducational before it was fashionable

White Stag Camp leader Bill Roberts was the first to invite girls to attend summer camp as participants in 1978. It was a revolutionary step at a time when White Stag primarily served Boy Scout troops. Mark Cross, a staff member from the Western Region of the Boy Scouts of America visited the camp that summer. He wrote:

Something that somewhat shocked me was the use of girls as part of the staff and as learners. They are incorporated very smoothly into the program, the only problem being showers. This was easily remedied. The girls and the boys seemed not at all uncomfortable about the coed situation. It had no apparent effect on learning.

Mark Cross, Western Region, Boy Scouts of America

We’ve remained fully committed to a real-world experience for boys and girls ever since.

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