White Stag camp phases

White Stag leadership camp challenges you to overcome your limitations, to expand your boundaries, to become a better person. It’s a fun camp, but it’s not necessarily an easy camp. White Stag is not for everyone.

White Stag offers three programs to meet your needs. Choose a phase based on your age, maturity, Scout rank, experience, physical ability, and grade level.

Before or after NYLT 

If you’re a Scout, White Stag Camp is the place to learn leadership before and after National Youth Leadership Development (NYLT). To qualify for NYLT,  you can only attend once, after you’re 14, and you must be at least a First Class Scout.

At White Stag Camp, you can attend different levels of White Stag Camp before NYLT, as soon as you complete the 5th grade. And you can return to White Stag Camp, when you’re ready to learn more complex kinds of leadership, all the way through high school.

Choose your level

Choose the phase that sounds most fun and fits your ageSpace is limited. Apply for camp today.