Leadership by design

White Stag Camp is leadership by design. That means that we continually experiment and innovate to learn the best ways to help youth learn leadership. 

White Stag fun and games is part of
leadership by design

Youth planned and youth run

We don’t have a boilerplate schedule that we use every year. We believe our youth staff learn the most when they get to plan the summer camp program. This way they learn what works and what doesn’t work. People learn from their mistakes, made in a safe environment, and grow. That’s what you get from White Stag Camp.

Be your best you

At White Stag Camp, no one knows your background or history. Even if you come to camp with friends, you’re purposefully put in separate groups. You have the gift of being among strangers who do not prejudge you in any way.   Any assumptions others have developed about you based on your past are forgotten.

You get to be your natural self, and are challenged to get out of your comfort zone.  White Stag Camp fosters an environment where experimentation is encouraged and failure is tolerated as the normal course of personal growth. We teach that anyone setting goals may fall short, but that it is better to shoot for the moon and, when falling short, catch a star instead.

Choose your phase

Choose the phase that sounds most fun and fits your ageSpace is limited. Apply for camp today.